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Songs of a Catholic Childhood
(2012, J. O'Reilly Productions)

Old Man Dancing
(2012, Bird Avenue ASCAP)

Arthur Wood's review from Maverick-UK

Mike Regenstreif's review for Folk Roots/Folk Branches

The Selfish Giant
(2008, 2015, Bird Avenue Publishing ASCAP)

Love Letter on a Fish -- Live At Tales From the Tavern Too  (2008, Tales from the Tavern)

Mark S. Tucker's review for Folk & Acoustic Muisc Exchange

Michael Devlin's review in Music Matters Review




Michael Peter Smith: Anthology One
(2005, Bird Avenue Publishing ASCAP)

Just Plain Folk
John McDermott and Michael Smith
(2005, Bunnygee Music)

The Gift of the Magi
Featuring Jamie O'Reilly and Michael Smith, lead vocals (2003, Bird Avenue)

Such Things Are Finely Done: Michael Smith Live At Tales From the Tavern  (2003, Tales from the Tavern)

(A Rich Warren favorite of 2003!)



Michael Peter Smith...Live at Dark-Thirty   (2003, Dark-Thirty)
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Steve Gillette, Cindy Mangsen, Anne Hills and Michael Smith
(2003, Appleseed Records)

(2000: Bird Avenue; 2002: Wind River)

Review from Performing Songwriter

Review in Music Matters Review


(Michael Smith, Barbara Barrow, Tom Dundee, Mark Dvorak) (2000)

Two Man Band Two / James Lee Stanley site
James Lee Stanley and Michael Smith
(2000, Beachwood)

Paradise Lost & Found
Anne Hills and Michael Smith
(2000, Red Wing Music)

Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
Jamie O'Reilly, Michael Smith, Katrina O'Reilly
(1997, Bird Avenue)

(1993, Flying Fish / Rounder)

Michael Margaret Pat & Kate
(1994, independent issue; 1999, Wind River)

Review in Music Matters Review

Michael Smith
1991 CD, Flying Fish / Rounder, includes:
Michael Smith (1986)
Love Stories (1988)
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Early Vinyl

Michael Smith and Love Stories appeared originally on vinyl before being re-issued on CD.

Empty Handed
Jet Band: Michael Smith, Barbara Barrow, Danny Torrol, Ricky Niez, Keith Montross, and Billy Johnson
(1981, Third Coast Records)

Barbara Barrow and Michael Smith
(1977, Bird Productions - private label)

Mickey and Babs Get Hot
Barbara Barrow and Mike Smith
(1974, Bell Records)

Juarez band: Michael Smith, Barbara Barrow, and Ron Kickasola
(1970, Decca Records)
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