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Added April 2017:

Winterhawk House Concert Series, St Augustine, FL, 9/2/2012 (live performance + other slides) by Jamie DeFrates

InLaws, Gurnee, IL, Jan 2014

Michael with Anne Hills, Arhaven House Concerts, 2014

Tribute to Steve Goodman, live at Arie Crown Theater, Jan 1985

Michael Smith and Barbara Barrow at Flick Coffehouse 50th reunion, March 2014

Michael Smith and Barbara Barrow, live at the Earl of Old Town, March 28, 1973 (introduced by Rich Warren)

Michael with Pat Fleming, from Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Jan 1989

Michael Smith and Barbara Barrow, at naming celebration of The Steve Goodman Post Office in Chicago, Oct 2010

Michael, live at Hayner Library, Alton, IL, March 2009

Jamie O'Reilly and Michael Smith, from Jamie's Songpainting

From: Tales from the Tavern Vol 1, 2006

A parody of The Dutchman, by Andina and Rich, live at Escape Java Joint, Madison, WI, May 2009

Steve Goodman performing Michael's song

Performances of Michael's songs by others at The Flick (in earlier days)

Music selections from early vinyl releases

2012 videos:

Michael Smith at Hugh's Room Toronto, ON, Canada 9/27/2012

Michael Smith at European Street, Jacksonville FL, 9/1/2012

Michael Smith with Jamie O'Reilly from "Songs of a Catholic Childhood", 2012

A long YouTube playlist of Michael's songs, sung by Michael alone or with others, and cover versions:

Spanky & Our Gang's 1967 recording of It Ain't Necessarily Bird Avenue, the first song written by Michael to be commercially recorded:

Michael Smith's Hey Kid song, accompanying a slideshow of Leo Segedin paintings:

Selections from Eastland, summer 2012

2010-2011 videos:

Michael Smith at the Glenview (IL) Public Library, April 10, 2011

Michael Smith at the Focal Point in Maplewood, MO, March 2011

From a July 30, 2010 interview at Old Town School of Folk Music, with Michael, about his writings, interspersed with performances by Michael and others, and other images

Michael Smith at a house concert produced by Paul Wales and Annie Orlando in Gainesville, FL, May 9th 2010

Michael Smith at the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival in St.Augustine, FL, May 2nd, 2010

Michael Smith at The Coffee Gallery Backstage, March 2010

Videos before 2010:

Michael Smith with Anne Hills, Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, Mass., April 25, 2009

Michael Smith at Wild Basin, Austin, TX, 6/21/2008

Michael Smith at Howmet Playhouse in Whitehall, MI, October 26th, 2007

Michael Smith at The Prairie Center For The Arts in Schaumburg Illinois, August, 1997

Performances of Michael's songs by Eric Kinkel and Company, July 2004

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Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, performances of "The Dutchman"

Creative photo-sequences coordinated with Michael's recording (two versions)

Kat Eggleston at Diane's Fifty-First, Oct 27, 2007

Joe Rathburn at The Folkey Monkey show at Milano Coffee Co., 11/06/2008

Anne Hills & Al Ehrich at benefit concert, Oct 6, 2001

Anne Hills at Shelborne Hotel Miami Beach, Florida, November 8, 1986 (introduced by Christine Lavin)

Steve Goodman from the album No Big Surprise, an anthology

Homage to The Flick Coffeehouse, near University of Miami, which operated during the 60's

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