Two Man Band Two

(2000, Beachwood Recordings)
James Lee Stanley
and Michael Smith
   Vocals, guitars, percussion
   and musical arrangements

  Songlist: L=Lyrics  
Stranded Rick Ruskin / James Lee Stanley
There Michael Smith
Only One Lonely One James Lee Stanley
Keep Me In Mind Michael Smith
Somewhere In Between Laurence Juber / James Lee Stanley
Saving My Heart Michael Smith / James Lee Stanley
Train Michael Smith
Rain (in the Key of "D") Michael Smith
Long Way From Home James Lee Stanley
Soon Enough Michael Smith
Saving Grace James Lee Stanley

Produced and engineered by James Lee Stanley at Beachwood Recordings, Woodland Hills, CA

Mastered by The Incomparable Stephen Paul
Manufactured and printed by The Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, USA

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