Just Plain Folk - John McDermott and Michael P. Smith

(2005, Bunnygee Music)

Package design by Marc LaFoy
Cover photo by Agnieszka Cetes

Executive producer: John McDermott

Producer: John McDermott

Engineered by: Ron Skinner

Recording and Mix Engineer: Ron Skinner, with John McDermott and Jason Fowler

Assistant Engineers: Pete Lawlor & Charles Ketchabaw

Mastered by: Ron Skinner / Heading North Mastering

John McDermott
Michael P. Smith
guitar and vocals
Cindy Church
Jason Fowler
acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, vocals
Rob Piltch
acoustic guitar
Brigham Phillips
piano, accordion, harmony vocals
Ray Legere
violin and mandolin
Pat Kilbride
acoustic bass
Phil Dwyer
clarinet and flute
Paul Langois
acoustic guitar and vocals on Hello in There and Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Recorded at: Glen Gould Studio, Toronto, February 11, 2005
  Songlist: L=Lyrics  
Nancy Spain John McDermott Traditional, arranged by John McDermott, Bunnygee Music
Seth Davey John McDermott
One Day I Walk John McDermott Bruce Cockburn, Songs of Universal Inc. (BMI)
Pacing the Cage John McDermott
(I'm My Own) Grandpa Jason Fowler Oscar Lonzo, Copyright Control / Red Pajamas
Fairytale of New York John McDermott Jem Finer / Shane McGowan, SPZ Music Inc. (BMI)
Corinthians Cindy Church Eileen Laverty, BRC Music (SOCAN)
Grace Cindy Church Frank O'Meara and Sean O'Meara, Asdee Music Ltd.
Souvenirs John McDermott John Prine, Sour Grapes Music Inc.
% Haber Corp., Walden Music Inc.
% Warner Chappell Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Hello In There Paul Langois
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness Paul Langois
Sister Clarissa Michael P. Smith Michael P. Smith, Bunnygee Music
Famous in France Michael P. Smith
Zippy Michael P. Smith
I Brought My Father With Me Michael P. Smith
The Dutchman Michael P. Smith
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