Songs of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

(1997, Bird Avenue)

Jamie O'Reilly:
Michael Smith:
Vocals, Guitar
Katrina O'Reilly:
Vocals, Clarinet, Piano


Pasiones was written and adapted by Michael Smith and Jamie O'Reilly and debuted in the Rhino in Winter Theater Festival, 1997, at the Lunar Cabaret in Chicago, IL.  It was directed by Peter Glazer.

Pasiones was inspired by the music of Eddie Balchowsky.

Cover painting: She Saw Him Fall by Sim, 1936
Graphic design: Colm O'Reilly / Leech Soup

"Smith and O'Reilly demonstrate powerfuly that the music by the people who fought and died (in the Spanish Civil War) resonates throughout time and space...  They're not just going through the motions, every song receives a passionate treatment worthy of the subject."
Sing Out! Magazine

"It is more than glorious music they offer us; it is our history that would otherwise be forgotten.  At a time when passion is so lacking in our lives, these two artists set our hearts on fire! Viva Jamie and Michael!"
Studs Terkel

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  1. Tu Que Brillas  **
  2. Quinto Regimiento
  3. Songs of the United Front
    Words: Bertolt Brecht   Music: Hans Eisler
  4. Peat Bog Soldiers
    Attributed to an unnamed prisoner at the Borgemoor Concentration Camp, Germany, 1933
  5. Song of the American Consul / Quartermaster Song  **
  6. Gunner Name of Bill
    Words: Theodore Cogswell   Music: Michael Smith
  7. Cook House / The Young Man from Alcala
  8. En La Plaza de mi Pueblo   *
  9. Viva la Quince Brigada
  10. Bon Cop de Falc (Anthem to Catalonia)   *
  11. Freiheit!: Song of the Thaelmann Battalion
    Words: Peter Daniel   Music: Karl Ernst
  12. Los Cuatro Generales
    New Translation: Michael Smith
  13. Si me Quieres Escribir
    Words: Al Prago   Music: Traditional
  14. Asturias   **
  15. Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
    Words: F. G. Lorca   Music: Michael Smith
  16. Rozhinkes mit Mandlen
  17. Song of the International Brigade
    Words: Erich Weinart   Music: Espinosa-Palacio
  18. Beloved Comrade
    Words: Lewis Allen   Music: Fred Katz
  19. Los Marineros   *
  20. Jarama Valley
    Words: Lincoln Battalion   Tune: Traditional

Musical sources:
* From Espana-1936-1938: 25 Hymnos y Canciones de la Guerra Civil Espanola.
** From Songs from a Franco Prison, Max Parker, 1982.
 All other songs traditional except as indicated.

Executive Producers: Jamie O'Reilly & Michael Smith
Produced by Stuart Rosenburg
Musical Arrangements by Michael Smith, 1997 Bird Avenue

This recording made possible by support from WFMT, Chicago Fine Arts Station
Recorded by Mary Mazurek, June 1997, at Studio 1, WFMT.
Mixed and mastered by Stuart Rosenburg at the Bat Cave.

Not currently available.

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