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1974, Bell Records, a Division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.   Bell 1306
© Bird Avenue (Crawmommy Music/ Fair Weather Music)

Mickey and Babs Get Hot


Michael Smith, Barbara Barrow (Smith)
Musicians (in addition to band members):
Kenny Ascher (piano/keyboards); Don Payne (bass); Bob Mann (guitar; Rick Marotta (drums); Hugh McCracken (slide and lead); Mark Horowitz (steel guitar); Romeo (clarinet); Eric Weissberg (banjo, steel guitar, fiddle); Paul Prestopino (dobro)
Backup vocals:
Elizabeth Corrigan, Raun McKinnon

Images (click for larger picture):



  Side 1--
Steal Away
Mom and Dad
Save My Child
  Side 2--
Osceola’s Last Words (by Will McLean)
Blazin' Guns
Ballad of Dan Moody
The Dutchman (solo piano version)

Produced by: Artie Kornfeld for GVVK Productions
Music Direction by: Hugh McCracken
Recorded at: The Record Plant, NYC
Engineer: Shelly Yakus, assisted by Richie Apuzzo, Rod O’Brien and Kevin Heron
Mixing Engineers: Shelly Yakus and Dennis Ferrante
Mastered at The Record Plant, NYC by Tom Rabsteneck and Gregg Calbi
Art Direction: Beverly Weinstein

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