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Michael Peter Smith

He used to be a roving cowboy
He used to be a rodeo cowhand
He tried to rob the Kansas railway
Along with two other friends of mine
I said For God's sake do not do this
They put it off for quite some time
Until the twelfth of January
Such a cold and a bitter time
Snow was drifting on the line

A mind confused is sometimes altered
So said a doctor friend of my acquaintance
Don't tell a madman with a shotgun
That he is not allowed to shoot no one
I foolishly kept my own counsel
Too easily tired of the fight
They done the deed and was successful
And come back the self-same night
Lookin' the same around the eyes

Me havin' recently found Jesus
I tried to speak to them as friends should do
Of the eternal consequences
And the awfulness of lives of sin
They soon fell in with sweet companions
Who helped them spend their evil wage
Until the thought of precious Jesus
Drove me to a holy rage
And I knew they must be saved

Then who comes riding through the blizzard
Then who comes riding through the wild deep snow
Some sheriff's deputies seekin' shelter
And information 'bout them three rodeo chums
I did not know that they'd be sleeping
That they'd come out with guns afire
And that all three was to be murdered
This was never my desire
This I swear I did not know
When I told the posse where to go

Recorded on: Michael Smith/Love Stories

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