Michael Smith's songs have been recorded by these artists and more:

Celtic Thunder The Dutchman
John McDermott Crazy Mary
The Dutchman
I Brought My Father With Me
Roger Maris
Mara Levine and Si Khan The Dutchman
Sam Pacetti There
Tom Russell The Dutchman
Emily Kaitz Move Over Mr. Gauguin
FourTold (Gillette, Hills, Mangsen, Smith) Panther in Michigan
Trout Fishing in America Dead Egyptian Blues
Last Day of Pompeii
Panther in Michigan
Gamble Rogers The Dutchman
Cherish the Ladies Spoon River
The Four Freshmen Bird Avenue
Jerry Jeff Walker The Dutchman
Josh White Jr. The Dutchman
(When I Lived in My) Grandmother's House
Michael Johnson Ain't Dis Da Life
New Kingston Trio The Dutchman
Tom Rush Hobo's Mandolin (This Here Mandolin)
Bonnie Koloc Crazy Mary
Liam Clancy The Dutchman
Gordon Bok Hobo's Mandolin (This Here Mandolin)
Jimmy Buffett Elvis Imitator
Steve Goodman The Dutchman
Spoon River
Roving Cowboy
Hit and Run Lover
Vegematic Song
Elvis Imitator
Talk Backwards
Whispering Man
Crazy Mary
The Wonderful World of Sex
Anne Hills Last Day of Pompeii
Donna From Mobile
The Dutchman
Sister Clarissa
Stranded in the Moonlight
Disappearing Heart
Rose of Sharon
Paterson Summer
Woman in the Mirror
Rondi's Birthday
Three Monkeys
(When I Lived in My) Grandmother's House
Claudia Schmidt Spoon River
James Lee Stanley Three Monkeys
Man in the Mirror
Megan McDonough Luck of the Rodeo
Soon Enough
Sarah Stockwell Vampire
Dead Egyptian Blues
Crazy Mary
Spanky and Our Gang Bird Avenue
Join the Klan
Tony Trischka & Skyline Stranded in the Moonlight
Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp Spoon River
Voices (Herdman, Hills & Mangsen) Adios Ciudad
Small Potatoes Vampire
Keep Me In Mind
I Brought My Father With Me
Suzy Boggus The Dutchman
Hot Soup Dead Egyptian Blues
Cindy Mangsen Hobo's Mandolin (This Here Mandolin)
Cathy Miller Last Day of Pompeii
Jaime Brockett Green Beret Talking Blues
Norm Hacking The Dutchman
Jim Post One Blessed Hour
David Allan Coe Crazy Mary
Bernice Lewis Dead Egyptian Blues
Robert James Waller The Dutchman
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