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Hello folks, it's April already and things are very busy for me...

Barbara and I moved from the apartment we'd been in for thirty years, to a house (still in Chicago, but five miles north).  It's been a long time since we lived in a house and we've been moving, it seems, for about two months.

Meanwhile seven lovely things have happened for me in my musical endeavors. I have to make a list but they're not in order of importance.

The Snow Queen continues apace, I am working with Frank Galati who is directing and adapting, and with Blair Thomas (www.blairthomas.org), who is designing the piece. We recently finished a five day reconnaisance at Victory Gardens with Dennis Zacek, the artistic director, and I am very happy with how things are working out. I think if you like what I do you'll like this. We'll open at Victory Garden's new theatre, the renovated Biograph, in December 2006.

Jamie O'Reilly (jamieoreilly.com) has recorded an album of music that I have written for the poetry of Chicago's Pat Monahan, which is based in Celtic mythology. The album is called: Songs of a Kerry Madwoman.

Barbara and I have been rehearsing with a band, Barrowsmith, and we'll be playing at the Old Town School's Folk and Roots Festival this summer.

Anne Hills (www.annehills.com) is recording an album, The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley, my settings of the diary entries of the Oregon naturalist whose childhood diary was a best seller in the twenties. This diary has appeared in a new and lovely edition edited by Benjamin Hoff.

Lisa Asher (www.lisaasher.com) is working on a one-woman show of my songs to be directed by Peter Glazer, who directed Michael Margaret Pat & Kate, and created and directed Woody Guthrie's American Song.

John McDermott (www.johnmcdermott.com) has recorded an album with me as a guest. It's called Just Plain Folk. John also has sponsored an album for me that will be released this summer on EMI Canada called Michael Peter Smith: Anthology One. More about that when it comes out.

I have my own music room in the basement and I plan to get plenty industrious in terms of new songs.

And now in response to a diminishing number of requests: The lyrics to The Wonderful World of Sex, recorded by Steve Goodman with great rhythm and great interpretation. I wrote this when I was twenty-five. Be kind.

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