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Michael Smith writes:

Hello folks, it's April already and things are very busy for me...

Barbara and I moved from the apartment we'd been in for thirty years, to a house (still in Chicago, but five miles north).  It's been a long time since we lived in a house and we've been moving, it seems, for about two months.

Meanwhile seven lovely things have happened for me in my musical endeavors. I have to make a list but they're not in order of importance.

The Snow Queen continues apace, I am working with Frank Galati who is directing and adapting, and with Blair Thomas (, who is designing the piece. We recently finished a five day reconnaisance at Victory Gardens with Dennis Zacek, the artistic director, and I am very happy with how things are working out. I think if you like what I do you'll like this. We'll open at Victory Garden's new theatre, the renovated Biograph, in December 2006.

Jamie O'Reilly ( has recorded an album of music that I have written for the poetry of Chicago's Pat Monahan, which is based in Celtic mythology. The album is called: Songs of a Kerry Madwoman.

Three: Barbara and I have been rehearsing with a band, Barrowsmith, and we'll be playing at the Old Town School's Folk and Roots Festival this summer.

Four: Anne Hills ( is recording an album, The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley, my settings of the diary entries of the Oregon naturalist whose childhood diary was a best seller in the twenties. This diary has appeared in a new and lovely edition edited by Benjamin Hoff.

Five: Lisa Asher ( is working on a one-woman show of my songs to be directed by Peter Glazer, who directed Michael Margaret Pat & Kate, and created and directed Woody Guthrie's American Song.

Six: John McDermott ( has recorded an album with me as a guest. It's called Just Plain Folk. John also has sponsored an album for me that will be released this summer on EMI Canada called Michael Peter Smith: Anthology One. More about that when it comes out.

Seven: I have my own music room in the basement and I plan to get plenty industrious in terms of new songs.

And now in response to a diminishing number of requests: The lyrics to The Wonderful World of Sex, recorded by Steve Goodman with great rhythm and great interpretation. I wrote this when I was twenty-five. Be kind.

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