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Michael Peter Smith
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Do you see birds on trees
How they leave to get a drink or a bite to eat
Fly away and others follow

And the whole day goes by
Birds and more birds
We become birds when we die
We fly away but we come back
We become birds when we die

When you're put here it's for a reason
Think of all the people the Lord hasn't sent here
I'm so happy I've been given this time here
Don't want to waste my time on this earth

And the whole day goes by...

He won't hand you
A piece of paper with a map on it no sir
He'll whisper something
And at first you might not even hear
It may take time
You may make mistakes
But if you pray
He'll lead you to your direction

And the whole day goes by...

I know because sometimes I just want to
Lift off
Go right to the mesa and
Have a feast
Eat our bread
Stand in a circle
Hear my grandmother talk about our people

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Recorded on: Time, Paradise Lost & Found, Love Letter on a Fish

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