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Michael Peter Smith

When I go to sleep
A dream of the love you've given me
Runs silent and deep
As long as you keep forgiving me
For living out on the edge of the summer
And never taking the time to wonder

What's the sea done to the sailor
What's the sky done to the dove
What's the dreams done to the dreamer
What's the time done

My mind's in a haze
But the things that I see are clear to me
I find I'm amazed
Someone could stay so dear to me
Even here on the edge of the summer
Where tan lines fade in the shade of the sun

What's the sea done to the sailor...

Lonely sailor on a stormy sea
Many ports of call has he
Tide moon rises sea birds cry
Love is still a mystery in the sailor's eye
Stormy winds may come and go
Through the night the harbor glows
Until the morning

What's the sea done to the sailor...

What's the sea done
What's the sky done
What's the dream done
What's the time done

Recorded on: Anthology One

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