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Michael Peter Smith
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[Intro in Michael Margaret Pat & Kate:]
Tell you bout my dream
We were under Western skies
In old California
Or down along the Navajo trail
Or down Mexico way
Sittin round the campfire
With Andy Devine & Gabby Hayes
Roy & Dale
My old pal Trigger
Pat Buttram & Bob Nolan
And when the Sons of the Pioneers
Sang this song
Even Yosemite Sam sang along

I used to have a palomino
When I lived in the golden west
And we would ride
The hills of Texas
'Twas a time I loved the best
I used to have a silver saddle
Silver spurs from Mexico
And when we'd ride
Through the silver sagebrush
I would sing
To my palomino

Palomino pal o mine
Palomino pal o mine
Sure has been a long long time
Palomino pal o mine

Through the rain
And the windy weather
He was my best pal it seems
We rode the streets of Newark together
Or was it only in my dreams?
I sure do miss old Dale and old Gabby
the Double R Bar and those sweet melodies
And when we die we will go to heaven
Palomino pal and me


Recorded on: Michael Margaret Pat & Kate, Live At Dark-Thirty, Love Letter on a Fish

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