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Michael Peter Smith

When I was a young girl our village was small
Just walk down Main Street and you'd seen it all
There's our front porch where the young men would call
With their banjos and roses
Ah the wine of those summers was as sweet as strawberries
When I lived in my grandmother's house

Then along came young Tom such a handsome young man
And he courted as well as a miner's son can
And our children grew up and to think it began
With banjos and roses
And the summers and winters so quickly had passed
And our granddaughter came to our house

Now the young men come calling with their long shaggy hair
And they talk on the front porch just as if I'm not there
And they dance to their Ipods and I'm wondering where
Are the banjos and roses
But my granddaughter smiles just the way that I did
When I lived in my grandmother's house

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