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Michael Peter Smith

It was a mellow kinda day in Tucson
But the heat could knock you down
When the Sunlamp Kid and Tequila
There were undressin' each other down
Tequila she was so excited
She had cheeks as white as snow
I'm in the closet with my Bowie knife
Umbrella Man ready to go

Blazin' guns, blazin' guns
Ay ay ay Tequila
You know they're breakin' my heart
Blazin' guns
Duel in the sun
Blazin' guns
Don't let them keep us apart

Sunlamp he move like a lizard
He said boy don't bite off what you can't chew
I said Sunlamp I hope you got insurance baby
An' I pray your payments ain't overdue
Sunlamp he move like a lizard
But Umbrella Man move like a crow
Tequila she move like a piece of fruit
Danglin' from the branches below


There was blood all over the ceilin'
Red sunshine through the glass
An' the heat it nearly killed us
An' the blades was swishin' fast
Somebody slipped in slow motion
Somebody gave somebody a gun
An' I thought I heard the waves of the ocean
An' I knew my life had only begun


Recorded on: Anthology One

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