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Michael Peter Smith

I'm pleased to speak for bees
The buzz is winter's takin' over
And this garden's gonna freeze
Which makes it much less interesting to mees
Where will we find our flowers
And hey man where's our clover
And our long hot hazy hours
Think we're headed for the Keys

We need it to be sunny
When we're out there gatherin' our honey
Which is kinda like bee money
We don't ask for much
Some honeysuckle on the vine
Some birds to pass the time with
When you're all one family tree
You like to keep in touch

We all lean on each other
Flower sister tree brother
Sky father earth mother
Aunt river grandpa sea
You mess with one of us
You're messin' with all of us
And ever shall it be

We're all one you see
One for all
And we'll be one for all eternity
So God bless the garden and the flowers and the trees
Pray the bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees
God bless the garden and the flowers and the trees
Pray the bees bees bees
On our little bee knees
God bless the garden pray the bees bees bees

We bees be refugees
That means we're leavin' in a hurry
We're gone like a cool breeze
That's a line from Mister Chuck Berry
So long giant's garden
Sorry that we have to go
If you ever have a spring again
Be sure to let us know

We're all one you see...

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Recorded on: Love Letter on a Fish

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