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Michael Peter Smith

It's a dark and a deep blue highway
Just a couple of hours 'til dawn
And I would sure like to keep from falling asleep
So I turn the radio back on
Comes a voice so unforgettable
Honey to my ears
And I sure do love The Twelfth Of Never
Haven't heard that song in years

Oh and I remember Barbara Dodd
And Passaic Valley High
When that girl wore my friendship ring
I felt like such a lucky guy
We would go to Linda Marold's house
Linda's parents worked all day
And we would dance to Twelfth Of Never
And kiss the afternoon away

She had this homemade dress of black corduroy
And with her long hair curlin' down
She was like some Russian princess
That the red leaves whirled around
See the thing about first love is
Though it may not last that long
You're so convinced you'll love forever
And you are only partly wrong

When Barbara Dodd broke up with me
It was no damn piece of cake
One last dance to Twelfth Of Never
That was my big mistake
I never felt so mortal
So missing lost at sea
'Til heaven opened one more portal
French-kissing Karen Bree

So play the Hollywood Flames
Play that one football game
In the Indian summer heat
Play the first real snow
Play the winds that blow
The lost trees on Francis Street
Oh and play The Twelfth Of Never too
Send it out to Barbara Dodd
Say someone loves her forever
Who is safe in the arms of God

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Recorded on: Love Letter on a Fish

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